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The Biggest Myth About Meditation

‘Meditation is where you sit there not thinking about anything, right?’

Well, not quite...

Because yes, meditation can involve you clearing your mind…

But the main goal of meditation is to create a healthy relationship with your thoughts.

Practicing mindfulness helps us see the thoughts that fly through our head differently.

How so?

Well, imagine you’re facing a crisis...

Your mind starts to get you worried. 
It whips you into a panic. 
It creates worst-case scenarios out of thin air for you to fret over.

Sound familiar?

Yes, because when left to its own devices, your mind can be your biggest enemy…

Meditation helps us reframe the relationship we have with our thoughts. 
It helps us to be aware of them and stop them controlling us.

Because while we can’t stop our thoughts…

We can change the way we view them and react to them!

Now, practicing mindfulness isn’t as easy as sitting with your eyes closed and willing away life’s worries...

(We wish it was!)

But give your meditation practice enough time. 
Do so and we promise you'll soon find yourself discovering the power of mindfulness.

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But there is a solution to your procrastination problems…

Practicing mindfulness can help us navigate the tricks our mind plays on us.

Yes, those same tricks that lead us to procrastination.

Because procrastination is often simply a kind of inner anxiety we have about the task ahead.

Afraid of the intense concentration and time you’ll need to give?

Worried you’ll give it your best shot and still fail?

By meditating on the things we often try to avoid, 
we can check in with our feelings about them.

In doing this we can understand what we are feeling and why we are feeling this way.

We can then recognize that our emotions are stopping us confronting the very thing we need to face.

By practicing mindfulness we can better learn why certain things trigger our procrastination.

We can then accept that confronting them is a necessary part of life.

And the better your mindfulness practice, 
the more you can use it to overcome procrastination.

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