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How much of your day do you lose to procrastination?

Picture this...

It’s 9.01am. You’ve started work. Your boss isn’t around and you’re running low on energy and motivation.

You have a document open on your screen. 
A blinking cursor silently waits for you to start typing…

But you don’t want to do any work.


In fact, the only thing you want to do in that moment is check the news headlines, look at an online sale, or swipe through your social media feed... 

In short, you want to do anything else except the task in front of you.

Sound familiar? 

Of course it does. Because whether it happens regularly or not, procrastination is something we all fight with.

But there is a solution to your procrastination problems…

Practising mindfulness can help us navigate the tricks our mind plays on us.

Yes, those same tricks that lead us to procrastination.

Because procrastination is often simply a kind of inner anxiety we have about the task ahead.

Afraid of the intense concentration and time you’ll need to give?

Worried you’ll give it your best shot and still fail?

By meditating on the things we often try to avoid, 
we can check in with our feelings about them.

In doing this we can understand what we are feeling and why we are feeling this way.

We can then recognize that our emotions are stopping us confronting the very thing we need to face.

By practicing mindfulness we can better learn why certain things trigger our procrastination.

We can then accept that confronting them is a necessary part of life.

And the better your mindfulness practice, 
the more you can use it to overcome procrastination.

Do you want to experience richer meditation sessions that help end distractions in your daily life?

Then consider enriching your mindfulness routine with a simple meditation cushion or meditation bench.

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