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Have you ever thought about the power of a simple ‘Thank You’?

Sure, you might be thinking, ‘I say "Thank You" 10 times a day!’

But saying something and feeling something are two very different things.

How different?

Well, consider this...

You probably say ‘thank you’ without thinking. For most of us it's a basic response to all those little interactions we have through the day.

But how often do you actually stop and really think about why you feel grateful to that person?

Likewise, how often do you take the time to consciously feel grateful for the wonderful things in your life?



Good health.

Five working senses. 

All your skills and talents...

Because while each of us has our misfortunes, we are also blessed with many wonderful things that fill our lives with happiness and joy.

And these are the things we should deeply feel grateful for…

By reflecting on these positive parts of our life as we meditate,
we learn to appreciate the gifts we are given.

In doing so we nourish our inner essence with positivity.

And in turn we live life more joyfully. 

So take a little time to practice gratitude as you meditate this Mindful Monday!

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