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Top Meditation Resources for Coronavirus Stress Relief

Here is a list of free meditation resources to help you ease anxiety, loneliness, and stress during the COVID-19 outbreak. We hope these resources help you feel more peace and calm, whatever your situation is wherever you are in the world. 

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Coronavirus Sanity Guide by 10 Percent Happier

A wonderful resource list by the popular meditation app, 10 Percent Happier. Their list includes wonderful meditations, podcasts, blog posts, and talks and a daily live stream that will help you find more calm amidst the chaos of Coronavirus.

Free Mindfulness Resources from Calm

Another popular meditation app, Calm, has put together a collection of free mindfulness resources including journals, calendars, and workbooks to help ease anxiety and find more peace.

Daily Anxiety Relief Meditations from Michelle Goldstein

Michelle Goldstein from Heart Alchemy Yoga is doing daily meditations with a focus on relieving anxiety and promoting calm during the COVID-10 outbreak.

Daily Livestream from Beeja Meditation

Join Beeja Meditation on Instagram for daily live-streamed meditations. Spend 20 minutes with tailored meditations to help yourelax and unwind during these crazy times.

Get A Daily Dose Relief With Meditation Apps


Headspace, a popular meditation app, is offering select meditations from their "Weathering The Storm" collection for anyone to listen to for free at anytime on their website. They are also offering free access to Headspace Pro for health care professionals and additional access for teachers and educators. They also have resources for teams to help get through these trying times here

Simple Habit

Simple Habit, another popular meditation app, recently announced free premium memberships for "all people who are impacted by the pandemic and can no longer afford to pay." Those who qualify should email help (at) and note that they are in a tricky financial situation because of the coronavirus outbreak. Note that this includes access to their free meditation collections through the end of April. Also make sure to check out a collection of meditations they put together specifically for the pandemic here.


Calm, one of the most popular meditation apps, you can get access to their introductory meditation course, "7 Days of Calm" and select unguided and guided sessions for free. Yearly paid subscriptions are also available. Calm also has beautiful calming soundscapes like rain falling and fire crackling that you can play in the background throughout your day to evoke a sense of peace. Their 10 minute daily meditations are easy to incorporate into your routine and are a great way to start your day.

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