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Feel like your bad habits are bringing you down?

Well you’re not alone.

Bad habits are a part of life.

But we want you to know that ending these behaviours is within your power.

Yes, and that’s true even for lifelong habits you’ve never been able to shake!

So what’s the secret?

Regular mindfulness practice, of course!

How does mindfulness help us break bad habits?

The first step to ending bad habits is to understand them.

And to understand bad habits we must recognize the thoughts and circumstances that lead to them.

Essentially, we must be mindful about what leads to us continuing our bad habits.

So first we must understand that our habits begin with an urge. 

This urge can be triggered by many things in our daily life. 
This may be an emotion, a person, an object or anything else.

And at that moment we have an option - we either act on the urge or we ignore it….

By giving some non-judgemental thought to these urges, 
you can understand what leads to these feelings arising.

This understanding helps us both avoid these situations and recognize when these urges might appear.

So if they do happen we can stop, take a step back, then simply observe with calm recognition before moving on.

It is by meditating on our bad habits we can understand them and strip them of their power over us.

Optimizing our meditation practice can help us achieve a bad habit-busting mindful state. 

So make a decision to take action. Break those bad habits today.

Need a little help perfecting your mindfulness practice?

Then let us help make your unwanted behaviours a thing of the past. Explore our mindfulness-enhancing velvet meditation cushions or meditation sets now.

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