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What should I buy, a Yoga Bolster or a Meditation Cushion?

There's a lot of meditation accessories out there, and it can be tough to know what's best for you.

So today we’re looking at two popular items that have helped people live mindfully for centuries.

First up, the Yoga Bolster.


The Yoga Bolster is a cylindrical cushion filled with buckwheat or hollow fiber filling.

They can be used for yoga and can be great for making yoga practice easier for pregnant women too.

Because of its cylindrical shape, it's perfect for supporting your body in all kinds of positions.

It also works to help you relax and get in the right headspace for yoga and meditation.


"OK, so what about Meditation Cushions?"

Meditation Cushions (also known as Zafus) are another mindfulness essential.

And much like Yoga Bolsters, Meditation Cushions have that buckwheat or hollow fiber filling seasoned meditators love so much.

But while Yoga Bolsters have a cylindrical shape, Meditation Cushions feature a circular shape that's ideal for ultra-comfy seating.

This helps your spine, hips and pelvis align, giving you more comfort and a healthier sitting experience.


"Right, so which is better for me?"


That depends entirely on your needs and personal preferences.

Because Meditation Cushions are usually smaller than Yoga Bolsters, they're less versatile. But their smaller size also means they're easier to store and travel with.

If you want something to complement both your yoga and meditation practice then a Yoga Bolster may be great for you.

But if you're simply wanting the comfiest mindfulness practice you can give yourself, then a Meditation Cushion is ideal.

And while we have plenty of respect for yoga...

Meditation will always be our number one love - meaning the Meditation Cushion is the Mindful & Modern winner!

As good as Meditation Cushions are, we've always loved pairing ours with a good Meditation Mat for even more comfort.

So check out our Meditation Sets - which include both Meditation Cushions and Mats - and experience a better way to practice mindfulness.

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